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COVID-19 Week #1 Work From Home

Hi Peeps! were are 3 months into 2020. Everyone was so excited for 2020 right? New dreams, new opportunities.Then BOOM! COVID-19/ Coronavirus/ W.T.F.

Now we all have been ordered to stay home. Toilet paper is being sold on the black market (basically). And everyone is reliving 2012. I don't know about you but I'm a little freaked out. And by a little, I mean A LOT. I've watched way too many movies on pandemics and apocalypses. You'd like I'd be prepared for this lol.

This quarantine is literally an introverts absolute dream. It definitely had its pros and cons. I have just completed my first week of working from home. Transitioning from a large cubicle space with coworkers. To my kitchen table. Just me. And my thoughts. SUPER.

Things I've learned during this new 9-5:

- Start your morning off with some form of exercise. I try to commit to a nice 20 minute walk. This will get your blood flowing and help wake you up.

-Eat a good breakfast. I'm using this time to actually EAT a breakfast. No more running late to the office. #YASSS

- Don't work in your pajamas. Personally, this makes me feel even more tired. Plus, I will always be prepared for a last me ZOOM meeting.

-Take your lunch break. Don't eat by your computer. Walk away completely and take some time to yourself. Try a movie, YouTube, or call a friend.

- Change your work location after lunch. I find that if I sit in my kitchen for 8 hours I will go completely insane. Try relocating to your patio (if you have one). Or somewhere outdoors (if you're able). There is something about finishing out your remaining hours close to nature is so reenergizing

-Play relaxing music while you work. Classical music works for me when I'm stressed. And I get stresses....a lot.

It took me about 3 days to figure things out. I hope these tips are helpful. Please keep in mind that is it completely normal to feel uneasy during this uncertain time we are living in. Trust me I've experienced it already. If you are feeling sad or uneasy try creating a group chat with your family or close friends. Focus on a project that you've been putting off for a long time. You are reading my project that I've been putting off :) So I encourage you get started!

Stay tuned to see how my second week goes...wish me luck.

Love always


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