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My Quarantine Skin Journey

I don't know about you, but this quarantine has done a lot to my skin. From the ever changing COVID stats, #BLM movement, and trying to maintain your mental health in the midst of all of this. (Pours drink)

I've always had pretty decent skin for the most part. I would get a blemishes that would leave a scar here and there. My acne was overall manageable. Here's a little back story. Prior to COVID-19 I had been off birth control for about a year. I made this decision for a few reasons. One, I was single and my morning routine was totally out of wack. Two, I really began to step into self awareness and noticed that I wasn't always myself when I was on birth control. So it seemed the only logical solution would be to get off the pill. About 6 months after ending my birth control I noticed a my skin getting breakout became more consistent. My body wasn't adjusting well to being off the pill. So I decided to start my pill again in December 2019.

So fast forward to March 2020. The stay at home order has begun and jobs are either giving layoffs or assigning people to work from home. I was fortunate enough to work from home until further notice. My already bad acne started to increase. As I began stressing over the state of the world, the flare ups became consistent. I was really self conscious and dreaded my weekly Zoom meetings. My co-workers have never seen me without my makeup. As miserable as I was able not having clear skin, I was also grateful to not have to put on makeup for work. This quarantine was the break my skin desperately needed. My skin was so accustomed to having on makeup Monday - Friday. Let's be real, Monday - Saturday because I always had somewhere to be. My breakouts lasted from March to mid June.

Overall, this journey has been really healing time for me. To be stripped of my makeup truly saved my skin and boosted my confidence. However, I'm still human and still have my moments. I also really dedicated myself to drinking more water and eating healthier foods. So here's big question. What's your skin regimen? After months of trial and error, the product that I found worked best for me was #UrbanSkinRX. This is a dermatologist approved product designed for melanin skin. I would highly recommend!

Overall takeaway:

  • Consult with your doctor before deciding to change your birth control. Discuss the pros and cons, as well as what changes to expect.

  • Use this time to treat your skin well. Take a break from makeup and focus on restoring.

  • Embrace you! And treat yourself well because you deserve it.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my skin journey. :)



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