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"Dear Queen"

What started out as a letter to my younger self, turned into a poetry.

To any girl that has struggled with embracing her brown skin, this is for you :)

Queen, I know growing up was hard being a brown skin girl.

You look around you and realize you don't fit in this world.

You avoid playing outside too long, in fear of getting too "black".

Only because you knew that it would take weeks for your skin to come back.

Yet even when it returns, you were still unhappy every single day.

Each morning you'd wake up hoping your skin would just fade away.

Going to school was hard because you felt inferior to girls that were lighter.

But honey...little do you know, your skin comes from a long line of fighters.

Queen, I hope that one day your future husband falls to his knees the moment he sees your mahogany skin.

I hope that one day you go natural and embrace the goddess that's within.

I hope that one day you come to realize that you come from a direct bloodline of royalty.

That you are a decent of power, grace and loyalty.

I hope as you are reading this poem you feel my story.

And the next time you look in the mirror, you bask in all your glory.

Love always,


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